Let’s Talk About Implicit Bias
implicit bias
Let’s learn about and discuss implicit bias! As a foundational component to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we need to understand that we all have biases or “filters,” ways in which we experience, see, hear, understand, and be in the world around us. Ways in which we accept information in, and even push information out. These develop from real experiences throughout our lives and what we encounter and interpret as truth or fact. But what if our experience was not the only experience? What if our truth isn’t the only truth? Are we willing to being open to the possibility that the relationships we are a part of, or not a part of, the conversations we have joined or not joined, the information we seek out or don’t seek out, the shows we watch or don’t watch, the music we listen to or don’t, have been influenced by our filters and biases? Especially the ones that reflexively take over without our active participation? Those that are deeply rooted within us, beyond our conscious awareness, create our attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes, which in turn, affect our behavior. Racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, intolerance, etc can develop from certain implicit biases, but we as inclusive minded Hilltoppers have the ability and power to change the script! We can learn to recognize, understand, and mitigate the impact of our biases! Below you’ll find an implicit bias learning series from UCLA and several other short videos on this topic. I hope you can set aside a few minutes this month on your own, in a staff meeting, or with friends/family to learn more about this foundational topic to our EDI initiative!

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