Hilltop’s Purchasing Department

Hilltop’s Purchasing Department works with you to get the best quality goods and services at the best price. It is important to us to increase your purchasing power so that money you save can go back into the programs. If you ever have questions about what to buy where, give us a call.


Weekly School District Orders – Click Here to View Catalog

The School District order deadline is Mondays by 3:00 PM for a Wednesday delivery. Email: purchasing@htop.org

Weekly Sam’s Club Orders – Click Here to View Website

The Sam’s Club order deadline is Tuesdays 12:00 Noon for a Thursday delivery. Email: purchasing@htop.org

Hilltop’s Purchasing Team

Name Title Phone Email
Tami Gallegos Purchasing Manager 970-244-0445 tamig@htop.org
Mickie Vaill Sourcing Specialist 970-244-0424 mickiev@htop.org
Christine Hadeen Sr. Sourcing Specialist 970-244-0426 christineh@htop.org
Kyle Troxel Courier


Use the Credit Card Request Form to apply for a Hilltop Purchasing Card (P-Card).

  1. A member of Senior Leadership must approve all new P-Cards
  2. Submit completed form, with appropriate signature approval, to the Purchasing Department
  3. The P-Card is property of Hilltop and should be used for work-related purchases only

Preferred Vendor Lists (by Vendor and Category)

  1. This is a compiled list of key vendors that Hilltop/GVA has contracts, agreements, or partnerships with and should be the first consideration when choosing vendors for purchasing needs.

Use the Purchase Order Request Form if any of the following apply:

  1. The order for goods, service or repairs totals $2,000 or more.
  2. You need a record of details such as, part number, cost, vendor name or date purchased for warrantied goods or services (regardless of dollar amount).
  3. The vendor requests or requires a PO number (e.g., Patton’s Printing).
  4. The product you want is online and you do not have a Hilltop credit card.

Guidelines to follow:

  1. Select whether a Hilltop (Tax-Exempt) purchase or a GVA (Taxable) purchase.
  2. Please enter a valid delivery date. Noting “ASAP” as a delivery date is not appropriate and could result in unnecessary expedited charges or a later than needed delivery. Please consider things such as Mfr. Lead Times, Shipping Time, etc., when noting a delivery date.
  3. The appropriate signature authority is required for processing (please refer to Hilltop Signature Authority List).
  4. Forward the fully completed and approved/signed form to the Purchasing Department.

Use the Project Request Form if:

  1. The physical change to a facility is over $2,500.
  2. The project requires multiple vendors and is over $2,500.
  3. The expenditures will be capitalized.

Use the Sam’s Club Order Form for Sam’s Club Orders ONLY

Use the Hilltop Credit Card (P-Card) if:

  1. You possess a card in your name or have rights to a program card. Purchases over $2,000 require a Purchase Order prior to the purchase. Individual credit card limits will apply.


Use the Check Requisition process if:

  1. Funds are needed in advance for product, registrations, subscriptions, service, dues, travel, etc. Form is available in the Fiscal Department.

Use the Petty Cash process if:

  1. You do not have a Hilltop credit card.
  2. The purchase is small and needed immediately. Each facility has its own allowable balance.

Use the Expense Voucher process if:

  1. You do not have a company credit card.
  2. You personally paid for a company expense and are seeking reimbursement.
  3. Mileage incurred by your personal vehicle was for company purposes.


Contractor/Vendor Application packet

Department Account List

PAT (Project Action Team) FORM
Please click the button to the right and fill out the form.

Hilltop Tax-Exempt Certificate and DR-5002 State of Colorado Affidavit of Exempt Sale Forms

A DR-5002 form may be required by vendors/companies that Hilltop does not have accounts with (e.g. hotel accommodations, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.) and would not have our tax-exempt details on file.

  • Form is to be completed at time of purchase
  • Complete the following fields:
    1. Select “Purchase by religious or charitable organization (exemptions may vary by jurisdiction” (2nd box down)
    2. Select “Paid by purchasing card bearing information of the exempt organization”
    3. Legal Name of Company “Hilltop Health Services Corp.”
    4. Purchaser Name (Your Name)
    5. Address “1331 Hermosa Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81506”
    6. Phone “970-242-4400”
    7. State/Driver License (Enter your ID info)
    8. Description of Normal Course of Business “Not For Profit”
    9. Sign and Date

ACH Authorization Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Card Questions

What is a procurement card?
It is a credit card for business use.  Hilltop uses the term procurement card and credit card interchangeably.
How do I request a company credit card?
A member of Senior Leadership must approve all new credit cards.  The “Request For Company Credit Card” form must be filled out completely, accurately and submitted to Purchasing.
How do I increase the credit limit on my company credit card?
If you find that you consistently bump up against your credit limit, discuss the matter with your Supervisor. If they agree with your request it should be forwarded to their Hilltop Leadership member via email. The request must include the duration of the increase and dollar amount needed. The Operations (Ops) member will then forward the email to the Purchasing P-Card Administrator with their approval. The P-Card Administrator will make the change, and notify all parties including the CFO of Hilltop.
Who are the Credit Card Administrators?
Brenda Fransen is the primary administrator.  The following people are also administrators – Cindy Rockwood, Tami Gallegos, Colleen Anderson and Carter Bair.

Front Desk Questions

What are some general things I need to know?
Please click the link to be directed to “Hilltop’s Guide To Everyday Things.”
What steps should I take when receiving packages?
Please click the link to be directed to “Receiving Tips

Signature Authority Questions

What is signature authority and why is it needed?
Signature authority is the right to purchase items for your program along with the dollar limit allowed.  This authority is assigned to staff by program managers and insures oversight of the programs budget.
How do I request signature authority?
A supervisor must make the request via e-mail.  The request must include:

  • Program Name
  • Employee Name
  • Dollar Amount ($500, $1,000, $1,500)
  • Employee’s Position

Purchasing will send a card that must be signed and initialed by the employee.  Purchasing keeps all signature cards on file.

How do I change the signature authority I have.
Your supervisor must e-mail purchasing to request the change.
How do I see who has signature authority?

To request a current list of available signature authority, please email: purchasing@htop.org