Through our first-round of vaccination clinics, we saw our vulnerable residents at The Commons, Fountains, and Life Adjustment Program step up with a sense of urgency with a vaccination rate over 90%.  At this point, Hilltoppers have not responded as well, with an adoption rate of just 45%. The good news is we have another opportunity for employees in those locations to receive their first (or second) COVID immunizations this week and next.

  • The Bacon Campus, tomorrow Feb. 4th
  • The Fountains, next Thursday Feb. 11th
  • The Commons, next Friday Feb. 12th

I understand many Hilltoppers chose to wait through the first round due to a variety of concerns. I’m pleased to report we did not see any significant reactions to the vaccine and now those individuals who participated are just a single injection away from 95% protection against COVID-19.

Hilltoppers in our residential programs have an envious “fast pass” to the front of the line, and can actually receive their vaccination now! Many others in our community and across the country are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to be vaccinated. But our time is running out, if you are one of those individuals who wanted to wait and see, your opportunity to be assured a vaccine in the near future is closing fast. I strongly encourage you to reach out to your supervisor and add your name to the list to be vaccinated. After these three clinics for our long-term care facilities are complete, we are not anticipating any future Hilltop clinics.

For those Hilltoppers not working in our long-term care facilities, we are trying to get you vaccinated as soon as possible. We were able to get many of you started through extra vaccines which were available at The Commons/Fountains, and your follow ups will be scheduled accordingly. However, if you are wanting a vaccine and have not yet received one, reach out to your supervisor or Ops Leaders and we will add your name to the list. Cathy Story is holding center to the vaccine waiting list of all non-residential employees and volunteers who may be able to take advantage of extra vaccines during our scheduled clinics – but know the window will be tight and you will probably only have an hour to get your vaccine.   I know having to wait is frustrating- hang in there.

Get signed up, get educated, and get vaccinated.

Together, we got this,