Today’s date aligns perfectly to recognize National 2-1-1 Day. This program is a vital part of our Hilltop Family Resource Center with Hilltoppers answering those phone calls day in and day out. If you aren’t familiar with this team and what they do, 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, easy to remember phone number that connects residents to essential community information and services including healthcare, housing, food, transportation, employment, childcare, veterans’ services, tax filing, COVID testing, substance abuse, and much more.

So many in our community found themselves newly in need of services like these in the past year. Over 12,000 people in Western Colorado called 2-1-1 for assistance in 2020, which was a 71% increase over 2019. Both The Daily Sentinel and KREX Channel 5 ran great articles this week bringing awareness and recognition to this service.

Thank you 2-1-1 staff for all you do connecting people to the help they need in our community!