Since my update on Tuesday regarding COVID vaccine protocols, there has been a lot of questions and discussions.  Two major things being asked are: what will the new rules entail? and when will they be implemented?

These are great questions.  However, we will not have answers until the new state regulations are officially approved and released.  Knowing this may take more time than any of us would hope for, I want to offer everyone a brief update on what we know today:

  • Governor Polis has urged the State Board of Health to expedite rulemaking to require COVID-19 vaccines for personnel working directly with vulnerable populations.
  • The State of Colorado has announced that state personnel working in state operated 24/7 facilities must be vaccinated starting September 30th.
  • President Biden announced that nursing homes and long-term care facilities which receive Medicaid and/or Medicare funding must have their employees vaccinated.

These are broad statements, without much detail. However, we do anticipate Hilltop programs, especially The Commons and Fountains (including our Cottages and Senior Daybreak), and the Life Adjustment Program, will fall under these regulatory rules. Because we have few details or timelines on the state and federal mandates, it leaves us in a bit of a holding pattern. We anticipate an announcement on the official rules in the near future, and will align Hilltop policies with the official regulatory requirements.

I will continue to send updates as we are given more information. In the meantime, keep communicating with your supervisors and managers with thoughts, questions, and concerns.

Have a good weekend,