Wayne Klahn

Wayne Klahn, is just one of the amazing volunteer drivers for the Supporting Our Seniors Program (SOS). Wayne was selected to receive a Hilltop Volunteer Mission Award because of his immense dedication and caring demeanor he has shown to our clients during the pandemic. Wayne was willing to take anyone who needed transportation assistance, any day, and any time. Without his help during COVID-19 many of our seniors in Mesa County would have gone without food and preventative medical appointments. Wayne tells SOS staff he loves helping the diverse number of seniors and how welcoming they all are. “Wayne is one of our most trusted and requested volunteers and has been with the program for over 3 1/2 years. He makes our riders feel safe and welcome,” says Tiffany Waugh, SOS Volunteer Coordinator. In 2020, Wayne spent over 150 hours and drove 1,453 miles providing transportation assistance to homebound seniors during the peak of the pandemic. When asked why he chose to put himself and his personal health at risk to drive clients in the community, Wayne stated, “I never gave it a second thought”. It is for his personal sacrifice, dedication and caring that we honor Wayne with this special recognition. Congratulations Wayne!