We are looking for stories to appear in the upcoming Hilltop Annual Report, as well as for future Hilltop Portal and social media stories. If you have any suggestions for stories like those listed below, please email them to mikeg@htop.org

How COVID is affecting Hilltop employees professionally or personally.

How COVID is affecting our clients, the services they need, or how we provide services.

Client stories that show how Hilltop helped make a difference in someone’s life.

Staff stories about someone who has gone above and beyond in representing Hilltop and our values.

Program stories that highlight new, or little known services we offer.

Anything you think might be interesting to others in our community.

Thank you!


Michael Green | Director of Marketing & Communications
Hilltop Community Resources1331 Hermosa Avenue | Grand Junction, CO 81506
970.244.0420 | www.htop.org