If you have driven down 27 ½ Road within the last week, you may notice something missing… the old Information Technology (IT) building is gone! Flattened to make way for the eleven new Cottages we are in the process of building. While it is exciting to have more independent living options available as soon as early spring, it has meant a massive change for our IT crew and their processes.

Especially now with the high number of COVID cases in Mesa County, our IT staff are working on a “remote first” model. To minimize possible cross contact between campuses, they will do everything they can to assist us from their remote offices. They are working really hard to make sure our technology needs are met by using remote accesses to help with issues and integrating new systems like an updated Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

One request they are making of us all to help them assist us better, is to please use the official Help Desk channels to alert them of our needs. Calling 244-0444 or emailing ithelpdesk@htop.org helps them with their workflows and to be more efficient with the many issues that arise!

Thank you to all our IT staff for working so hard. While IT now has some “touchdown” office spaces over at the Property Services Warehouse (PSW), I know they all miss being in one location and are one of the most spaced out departments of Hilltop. The professionalism and perseverance they have shown through all this is commendable.

Together, we got this,