Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone! There is no doubt this year is different. My family is not doing the usual large get together we normally enjoy.  I will be having just my parents over as we appreciate one another’s company, masked up, outdoors on the patio, and with two sperate tables spaced 6 feet apart. Our traditional participation in the community Turkey-Trot, will become an independent hike this year.  While this will be quite the diversion from what we traditionally know of Thanksgiving, I realize that in its simplicity, this is what Thanksgiving is all about: pausing a moment to reflect on everything we are grateful for, not what we are missing.

Our communities are facing a lot right now, and many are looking to Hilltop for help, support, and resources to get through this time. I am thankful for all Hilltoppers that are doing everything they can to continue to love and care for those that need us. I am thankful for our clients that continue to put their faith and trust in us for their care. Clearly the residential programs carry a heavy weight and responsibility to those we serve, but support services help keep the ship afloat and the nonresidential programs have to be creative in providing their much-needed services remotely; all are essential to what Hilltop does for the community.

Rather than lamenting what is different this year, I am staying focused on the many, many things to be thankful for. We may be showing it in a different way, but the heart of gratitude throughout Hilltop is still thriving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,